Turkish Stone Ring

Hand made 22k Matt Gold Plated Turkish Stone Ring.

Adjustable .

Stone Size  3cm L x 0.5cm D


Green Quartz is uniquely helpful in teaching one to live from the heart and energy healing can be enhanced when laying Green Quartz on the Heart Chakra.Green Quartz can help one learn empathy in a "dog-eat-dog" environment. This quality is good for both the giver and the receiver, as well as for the benefit of the whole world using collective consciousness.

It is often used to help repel negative vibrations and to transmute negative energies into positive. Green Quartz is also known to attract prosperity and success and to stimulate your creativity.


Black Obsidian is a grounding stone that provides an instant connection from the Root Chakra deep into the core of the Earth. Black Obsidian will help to clean and remove negative energies in a sacred space or environment. It also assists in releasing those emotions/reactions that cause negative energy such as anger, jealousy, greed, resentment, etc. Once these energies are removed/released, Black Obsidian will help to keep the space protected.

Black Obsidian is used for healing and releasing energy blockages, and has a tendency to work quickly to move truths to the surface to be resolved.


Magenta Fluorite is a stone of the heart, allowing one to become consciously aware of the heart's thought, desires and knowledge. ... It is a highly spiritual stone, linking the energies of the heart and crown chakras and opening one to higher awareness.

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