About Us

Georgia, Georgia, the whole day through...

There's something simple, elegant and timeless about this old sweet song. Some say it's about a love for a woman, others say it's about a love for the state. We think it's about a love for both... and more.

It's a song that reminds us to never forget the things we value most. To always keep these... on our mind. It's about the joy of travel and the intimacy of love. It's about the comforts of home and the times spent with family and friends. It's about living a passionate life and about doing what we love, it's about being true to oneself and to those around us.... and where possible, it's about surrounding ourselves with beautiful things.

Our product are hand crafted in Greece by small family village craftsmen by some using traditional methods passed down from generation to generation. Made from genuine hand dyed vegetable tanned leather using 100% environmentally friendly techniques utilising raw natural untreated leathers that become softer and darker with age. The styles are timeless yet mindfull of the times.

Just like the song, you will always love.....Georgia On My Mind.